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Activities provide a step by step breakdown allowing you to practise and develop your skills.

  1. Go to your My Drive and click on the New button, and select folder.
  2. Name it Space Planning. Navigate to your newly created folder.
  3. Create a subfolder in Space Planning called Resources.
  4. Right click on your Space Planning folder and select Share.
  5. Share with your partner teacher, Zackary Deleon (zackary.deleon@aspire2be.wales) in the People box, giving him Edit permission.
  6. In My Drive create a folder called Parent Folder.
  7. Allow viewing access to Anyone with the link.
  8. Then, share this link with Zacakary Deleon (zackary.deleon@aspire2be.wales) and add a message asking him to forward on to Y6 parents.
  9. Star this folder so you can easily locate it.
  10. Change the colour of the folder to a colour of your choice.