Lesson 19, Topic 1
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Have a go!

Activities provide a step by step breakdown allowing you to practise and develop your skills.

Create a Team:

  1. From your Office 365 dashboard, navigate to Teams.
  2. Select Teams from the left-hand side vertical menu.
  3. At the top of the screen, select Join or create a team.
  4. Select Create a team.  Select  Class as your team type. 
  5. Give your class team a name of your choice.
  6. Add a co-owner (partner teacher) if possible.
  7. Add at least 2 members (students) to your class team. 

Create Channels:

  1. Go to the 3 dots next to the your team’s name on the left-hand side of your screen. Select Add channel.
  2. Create a channel called Trips (You will need this completed before the Class Notebook assignment later). Keep the privacy setting as Standard.
  3. Return  to the 3 dots next to the your team’s name on the left-hand side of your screen. Select Add channel.
  4. Set the privacy setting to Private and name the channel, Extensions. Add at least one member.

Communicate and Add Files:

  1. Navigate to the General Channel.
  2. Select Start a new conversationType @ to mention someone
  3. Type Take a look at this tutorial.
  4. Select the Attach (paperclip) icon within the post and search for video of your choice.
  5. Add a file from  OneDrive
  6. Notify a team member  then press enter or click the paper airplane icon.

Create an Assignment:

  1. Navigate to Assignments from the General Channel.
  2. Select Create and choose Assignment.  Type Essay 1  for the title.
  3. Select Add category and type in Literacy.
  4. Select Instructions and add some generic instructions.
  5. This assignment is worth no points. Select Add rubric and create a rubric and description.
  6. Type complete w/ presentation in the Excellent box.
  7. Type complete w/ no presentation in the Good box.
  8. Type incomplete  in the Fair box.
  9. Type not attempted in the Poor box.
  10. Assign to your team and to All students.
  11. Select Date due and choose tomorrow’s date.
  12. Leave the Time due setting as default (23:59).
  13. Select Assign.

Using Class Notebook:

This is for Class Notebooks created through Teams

  1. Go to the Class Notebook tab and create your Class Notebook.
  2. Go to the Welcome section and change the page entitled Welcome to Class Notebook to Welcome to our class! 
  3. Check the Collaboration Space and Content Library. In particular check that there is a Trips_Notes section in the Collaboration Space (If it is missing go to the Trips channel in the Team then go to the Notes section to sync).
  4. Check that all of your Team members have student notebooks listed in your Class Notebook.
  5. Go to your Content Library and create a section called Maths.
  6. Create a new page inside the section called Maths Lesson 1
  7. From this page select the Insert option from the top menu bar. Then select File and from the dropdown menu select Insert File Printout. 
  8. Insert any PDF or Word file that you have have in your device’s drives.
  9. If you want to attach a PowerPoint or Picture file then open the OneNote desktop app.
  10. Right click on Maths Lesson 1 from the Maths section in your Content Library. Select Move/Copy.
  11. Select a student’s notebook from the pop up menu and select the drop-down arrow to show the sections in their notebook.
  12. Click and highlight the Homework section and press Copy.
  13. Afterwards, go to the chosen student’s notebook and check to see if Maths Lesson 1 is in their Homework section.
  14. Now let’s try it again but send it to the entire class! 
  15. Navigate to Maths Lesson 1 from the Maths section in your Content Library.
  16. From the top toolbar select Class Notebook. Select Distribute Page from the drop down menu. 
  17. From the pop up menu on the left-hand side, select the Handouts section. Now click on Distribute.
  18. Check all of your student’s notebook Handouts sections and confirm Maths Lesson 1 has been distributed.