Office 365 Essentials


What you’ll learn:

  • Access and the features of each spotlighted application
  • Take advantage of Office 365 to organise lesson files and sharing abilities
  • Use real examples to guide you through the learning process
  • Work through tutorials at your own pace to focus on areas that matter to you
  • Combine Office 365 apps to improve teaching and learning workflow
  • Promote collaborative and independent learning in the classroom
  • Collaborate with students and staff on lessons, projects and more in real time or anytime


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Welcome to our course Office 365 Essentials.

Getting the most out of your Office 365 access or subscription can be daunting, especially as an educator with little or no experience. With this course we will focus on the following six key apps to get your classroom collaborating and exploring using your lesson content:

  • Sway
  • Forms
  • Planner
  • OneDrive
  • Teams
  • Class Notebook

Not only will you be able to create engaging classroom lessons, you will be able to reach outside your classroom to empower your students to foster the art of the possible. As well, you will be able to foster teamwork with teaching colleagues by navigating collaborative projects, organising shared files for easy access and distributing any files or folders instantly.

Should you have any questions throughout the course, we are here to help, and, as teachers we can suggest different ways to deploy these tools in your schools.

So for now, enjoy the course, get creative, and we look forward to hearing from you!