Google Classroom – Cymraeg


What you’ll learn 

  • How to set up a Google Classroom using G suite for Education.
  • How to add students and co-teachers into your Google Classroom.
  • The importance of creating a template in Google Docs before creating an assignment in Classroom.
  • How to create, assign and organise an assignment and classroom material through Google Classroom in a completely paperless way.
  • The benefits of reusing a post in the Classroom to help manage and maintain a healthy teacher workload.
  • How to effectively leave meaningful feedback on assignments, helping to raise pupils standards and attainment levels.
  • How to post on the Google Classroom stream and the added benefits it will bring to your teaching workflow.
  • Understand how students can communicate on the Classroom Stream and learn ways in which school processes can be transformed.
  • The benefits of being able to Copy and archive a class to drastically reduce teacher workload.
  • How Google Classroom combined with the entire G Suite for Education package, can combine to improve teaching and learning workflow.


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Welcome to this ‘Introduction to Google Classroom’ course.

By taking part and completing, you will gain the knowledge and understanding to allow you to use Google Classroom effectively in your educational setting. Google Classroom, part of G Suite for Education, will allow you to organise and manage your workflow in a completely paperless way.

The course is designed to include helpful tips to help you transform your teaching and learning pedagogy and workflow. Please feel free to follow along and complete your own Google Classroom tasks, to suit the needs of your setting.

If you have any questions, please get in touch and we will be more than happy to help.

Enjoy and welcome to Google Classroom!