5 Easy Wins to get Started with FlipGrid

We all do it. All teachers love using an app that is free. 

In 2017, while teaching in Swansea I was constantly using the free versions of apps that had a paid premium option. One of these apps that I found was FlipGrid and it was an instant hit in my classroom. Since then it has evolved and has become increasingly better due to many factors including that it is now totally free to use all features! As a part of the Aspire 2Be team now, I enjoy recommending this app to any school that looks to incorporate student voice into their whole school vision.

As more and more teachers are looking to enhance their skill set with remote and blended practice, FlipGrid gives teachers the ability to share grids and topics with students, who then can reply whether they are in the classroom or at home. Once you have created an account, you will be able to create grids that house topics based on subjects of any kind. Students can give audio, video or even use a whiteboard to explain topics in their replies. There are so many ways to use FlipGrid but to get you started I have listed FIVE easy wins as you transform your teaching and learning practices!

1. Ice Breaker Activities
Using FlipGrid for icebreaker activities allows for you to get to grips with setting up grids and topics. Also you will begin to notice that your shy students will come out of their shells for video responses. Teachers can also record ‘shorts’ which are spontaneous video recordings that do not have to be associated with a grid or topic, to introduce themselves and class expectations to students.

2. Option for Reading Journals
Ever heard of an ‘elevator pitch’? You can ask students to give you a 30 seconds or more, elevator pitch summarising chapters or an entire book, depending on the year. Works very well with note taking methods such as Cornell notes. Also these videos can be turned into QR codes, printed and turned into an amazing display in your classroom or hallway. You even have the option to create a rubric for the summaries so students can get instant feedback, either written or recorded by the teacher. This can easily be adapted for students to record explanations of maths problems as well.

3. Parents Communication/Evenings
Want a novel way to communicate with parents? Have students record their highlights and proudest moments of the term and create QR codes. These can be shared with parents, printed and placed in their books or as Augmented Reality displays. Parents become more engaged when seeing their child speak about their experiences and this also helps create a collaborative environment.

4. Google Classroom & Microsoft Teams
After creating your account, share grids and topics directly to your students’ Google Classroom or Microsoft Team. You can do this with the flipcodes or directly to your chosen platform from the website. It makes it a lot easier for students to access your topics and make FlipGrid a part of your routine.

5. Promote student well-being
With all of the security features in FlipGrid, you can easily create a grid with topics about well-being and issues that arise in your classroom. With features such as video moderation and making videos hidden, it is easy for students to share their thoughts about all kinds of topics that will support a harmonious classroom.

Want an easy method to turn your current ice breaker activities into a topic? Want to know more about recording shorts for your class? Want to know how to create QR codes and create a display? Want to use FlipGrid Augmented Reality and get more lesson ideas?

If you want to know more detail and answers to any of these questions then please contact us by going to Aspired.online. Our award winning team is waiting to help your school achieve its goals for reaching every child and progressing your school’s digital vision.