Personalised Learning with Microsoft Whiteboard

Welcome to our Personalised Learning with Microsoft Whiteboard course! What is personalised learning? Personalised learning is when students demonstrate mastery of content in a competency-based system, they are highly involved in setting targets based on previous or lack of knowledge they have of a concept. Students are encouraged to be involved in the planning and learning process as active participants in that learning. How can Microsoft Whiteboard help? Microsoft Whiteboard helps take lessons to another level by allowing students and teams to interact to create tasks and targets alongside the ability to draw, scale, insert relevant information from Word or PowerPoint and more. Students are in total control of how they plan, tackle and present their work individually or as a part of a team. This course will help not only introduce you to the basics of Microsoft Whiteboard but give you resources and practical examples to try out with your class! As always feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. *The course will focus on using Microsoft Whiteboard as a stand alone app. Who this course is for: Educators currently or new to using Microsoft Office 365 educational tools Educators need a visually appealing way to collaborate with students to create individual and group targets
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What you’ll learn:


  • The difference between the web and desktop versions of whiteboard.

  • How to use Microsoft Forms data to target objectives together with all or select students.

  • What tools are available to support teaching and learning.

  • How to access PDFs, Word documents, PowerPoints and more to support your Whiteboard demonstrations.

  • How to share live whiteboards via Teams, OneNote etc. to support your blended learning needs.

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Course Includes

  • 7 Lessons
  • 1 Quiz

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