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Welcome to our course on Read&Write.
Read&Write is our literacy support toolbar that offers help for everyday tasks, with tools to meet the needs of different learners, right across the curriculum. Like reading text out loud, understanding unfamiliar words and proofing written work.
Give students the tools they need to succeed
Provide students with access to a suite of twenty different reading support tools, including text-to-speech - where and when they need it. Give them choice in how they access and engage with content and help to improve their reading and comprehension skills.
Create more independent learners
Help students to study, revise, proofread and increase their understanding. Useful tools in Read&Write such as highlighters, voicenotes, vocab tools and audiomaker help students to study smarter, more independently and to a high standard.
Support students with additional needs
Read&Write is particularly useful for supporting SEN learners, as well as students who have English as an Additional Language or those with a mild visual impairment. Specific accessibility tools alongside the reading and writing tools, help to create a level playing field for all.
The comprehensive solution for access arrangements.
Read&Write is the most widely used computer reader in the UK. It’s designed and used in line with the JCQ regulations that govern examinations in the UK and to SQA guidelines in Scotland. Our easy-to-use exam mode allows easy restriction of features, so that students will only be able to access approved features during the exam. Its dictation feature can now be used as a cost effective, powerful alternative to human scribes to help provide independence and confidence for students who qualify for that support.
Enjoy the course and we look forward to hearing from you!
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What you’ll learn:

  • How to get started with Read&Write
  • How the tools in Read&Write help your whole school in terms of inclusion, SEN / ALN, accessibility.
  • How Read&Write helps teachers create and build resources.
  • How Read&Write supports everyone in school, across all subjects, in terms of reading, writing and comprehension.
  • How Read&write builds important skills in students:
  • Independence
  • Personalisation
  • Digital skills
  • Workplace preparation
  • How Read&Write integrates with other EdTech tools.
  • And much, much more

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • This course is suitable for all users

Who this course is for:

  • Teachers
  • Tutors
  • Educators
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Course Includes

  • 7 Lessons
  • 20 Topics
  • 1 Quiz

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