Creating a Resource Bank Using Google Sites

Expanding the walls of the classroom has never been easier since the introduction of cloud based learning products. This, along with the move towards a blended learning style of teaching, means that Google Suite For Education can help redefine how you plan, prepare, and deliver content to your students and their families. Using Google Sites, you will see how simple and easy it is to make resources readily available, by creating a resource bank, in a truly collaborative environment. Whether you’re a Google user or a complete Google newbie, this is a course for you! If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch and we will be more than happy to to help.

What you’ll learn;

  • To understand how cloud based technology, along with good teaching pedagogy,  can provide enhanced teaching and learning opportunities and redefine how content can be shared and delivered.
  • To Develop key digital competency skills to help aid the teaching and learning process.
  • How to get started using Google Sites and choose appropriate Themes for your Resource Bank.
  • To explore the range of tools available, allowing you to insert fun, engaging and meaningful content. 
  • How to safely and effectively collaborate with colleagues and publish content with the appropriate settings.

Please click the link below to view an example Resource Bank.

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Course Includes

  • 7 Lessons
  • 6 Topics
  • 1 Quiz

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Jonathan Gerlach
Posted 4 months ago

Enjoyed the course, thanks A2B.

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Iona Delgado
Posted 5 months ago
Simple and well-explained

This course was exactly what I needed. It explained simply how to set up a site and I used what I'd learnt to create a site for our school curriculum. I like the fact that the videos are short and in subsections which allows you to practise each step as you progress through the course.

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Rosey Cole
Posted 1 year ago
Concise & easy to follow course.

Easy to follow instructions for creating a web page. Nice quick course.

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Sara Davies
Posted 2 years ago
very easy to navigate

great, clear videos

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Nicola Vanstone
Posted 2 years ago
Quick and easy to follow

The videos are extremely informative and quick. I like how it is set into stages and you are able to have a go in betweeen each one.

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Neville Southall
Posted 2 years ago
simple facts

simply and expertly explained

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What's your experience? We'd love to know!